Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Britain’s Got Talent: Shadow Theatre Group Attraction

Britain’s Got Talent: Shadow Theatre Group Attraction

It bothers me to no end that when I want to share some fabulous item or video

with my friends, it takes a monumental effort! By that time, I usually just say 'aw, nuts!'

and continue on my way!

But not today! This 'item' (ha!) is too awesome to allow some bureaucratic nonsense

to knock the wind out of these sails! So on I march...

   Please don't any of you give up, as well!

   Go to Youtube.com , if you cannot view this on flixxy.com , and/or just enter or

google the Hungarian dance group named "Attraction" from Britian's Got Talent

and then let me hear all about your experience at @belindachinea oƱ Twitter or

right here at Blogger or on Facebook or Google...hell..anywhere!!?! šŸ­šŸŽˆšŸŽ‰šŸ˜ŽšŸ’‹

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

hello bloggers I'm back and I have a little news to tell you its fall and the leaves are still green so I'll get back to you when they start turning colors, stay well and enjoy the weather, goodbye friends and family!
P.S. This was sort of a 'test'.. written via the android microphone! Nice, huh? :-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Long Time in Coming but Here I Am!

Thought I'd forgotten about you? Never happen. I would never let it happen.
I simply went in another direction for quite some time and now I'm back.
I always .. come back.
Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to all who have good things in their hearts and those to which good things are in order. I hope this includes You.
I'm afraid that Mom isn't faring too well these days..but the brave darling is holding her own, with a little help from some very good, kind people, and
God is tenderly holding her sweet fragile hand and is being made to feel as much Love as is humanly possible.
So please say a loving prayer to our Lord and let's all combine our universal strength and empower Mom to hang on until it's her time..and not a minute before then!
She is still very much needed in THIS world, before she is to transcend to the next.
Thank You Beautiful Lady. May God take you gently by the hand when it is your loving time to go. Go be with your Beloved Mother, Jovita.
And before you know it, we'll all be together again, with Him. Ahhh.
I will fear No Evil and I will not allow you to, either. We will embrace The Good and we will be eternally Blessed and Rewarded. Just have Faith,
as you have always taught me to have. And keep Loving, as you have always loved. As you, Sweet Mother, are totally Loved, by all who know you.
The Josephine Chinea, Senior, Fan Club is one of the largest ones I know and I'm at the Head of the Line, as are All your children. So let's kiss, hold hands
and sing our favorite songs tonight, for our sweet rewards await us all.
We Love You, Mom, We Love You So Very Much!!
                May God Bless You Forever...
           Until We Meet Again and I can tell you
again just how much you are LOVED.
(I just realized it seems as though the journey has begun, well it HAS NOT. Mom is just fine and sleeping in the other bedroom, thank you
        very much. lol
   I told you, she's a fighter!!)  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

To All Who Hail From Abroad, Hello! :)

I just wanted to say Hello to all of you reading these blogs on the internet.
I just learned that I had a few 'readers' from very special and exotic places, and found it very intriguing, to say the least!
Some are in Russia, some in Nigeria!
Some are from Italy and some even from Latvia! Sooo cool, wow!
A lot come from Germany and some from Israel.
And I love all of those places and wish I could visit each and every one, at least once!
So thank you for your beautiful, inquiring mind and please come back and visit my page again and again, as I'll be writing just for You. Bye now!

Happy Valentine's Day to us All.

Happy February 14th, a.k.a. Valentine's Day to all who venture here and are perusing
this work. Yeah, You!
  So what are you going to do this Tuesday..anything special..anything?
Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do, not a damned thing! Pardon my 'french' but a girl
 gets a tad testy when this particular day rolls around and she doesn't even have plans to wash her hair! Know what I mean? lol
  But for all of you lucky so and so's... please do go out or stay in (better yet! heh heh;)
and have The Time of your Life..on Me! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review of my new smartphone, Samsung's Admire Red.

         Samsung, you've never made a product that I did not like!
How 'do' you do that? How could a company have such an illustrious career?
Wow, I bet you wish [or your competitors do] you could bottle this knack of
always picking winners!
         Well, I'm here to thank you, yet again, for another beautiful product.
That would be your wonderful smartphone, the ubiquitous Samsung Admire Red.
I walked into the phone store and had gone straight to the display  table on which the phone rested before noticing two other customers holding the phone and the salesman himself, showing one of them how to operate 'his' own model! 
          I asked maybe two questions before rummaging in my handbag (ok, it was a backpack!) for my credit card. I did not have to be sold, I was a goner 'before'
Hello! lol

Whitney Houston, I'll Miss You Most of All! R.I.P.

Whitney Houston has left us today, Saturday, Feb.11th, 2012.
She was pronounced dead at around 3pm by paramedics who were called to the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Houston and party were there to attend the Grammy's tomorrow evening.
A bright, bright light has been extinguished this sad, somber day.
    Please join me [and all who truly loved this Lady] in a moment of heartfelt silence and prayer and say your private Goodbye to this icon who was loved and respected by all...
especially Me! God Bless You, Whitney and God Bless your two Bobbies <3

Monday, December 26, 2011

From My Living room to the Abyss! A Long Journey.

First of all, let me correct the personal pronoun above..the 'My' should read 'Her'.
The her I refer to is none other than my courageous, loving and beloved, wonderful woman I know as my Mother Josephine Chinea.

She has led an exemplary existence and is still living it, at 93 years young.
A couple of years ago I began getting glimpses into her new set of behaviors and minute (at first) changes in her day to day existence.

At first it was small things, but soon I started hearing,"I don't feel like going to the center today, maybe I'll go tomorrow. And, it's too noisy in there..or..everybody's
staying home so why should I be the only one going there? The arts and crafts teacher doesn't even come anymore!

I still had no idea of the storm brewing right around the corner, soon to be 
knocking at the door, not to be ignored.
Finally the lightbulb went on. 
I now knew that this was not merely the normal course of events in the lifespan
of the elderly, but something else. Something dire and needing to be explored.

So the first of many appointments were made and kept and suffice it to say,
the prognosis was made..dementia (Alzheimers, if you will), and the metamorphic
change would begin.

So now life has taken its own turn and we wait to see the path we're to follow.
One step at a time, one foot in front of the other..I step gingerly through the morass
and the octopuses and fear no evil. The reason for that being, how could anyone so beloved and so deserving of all of the niceties life still has to offer, have any evil
befall them, or for that matter, befall those who would lay down their lives to
ensure one more happy day..one more reason to smile?

Well, I hope this foray into a single life this day has allowed some light to brighten your view. Of what may or may not occur..if one's allowed to reach nonagenerian
living, God willing, and how this single beautiful life is coping within it's grasp.
And winning!! :)


Atlantis | Meet Dubai | Discover Dubai | Destinations & Offers | Emirates United States

Atlantis | Meet Dubai | Discover Dubai |
You are in for a treat!

Monday, October 3, 2011

  Have I got a treat for you... visit this great 'brother' blog,
       "Italy's Secret Places" by Edward Goldberg,

and see all the wonders and wondrous places he's generously chosen to share with us!
     Please don't skip over 'The Dead Sea Scrolls' entries..
                 It's one of my favorite posts!
Today's the Day, Seize It, Own It, Devour It, then do it all over [agin]on the morrow.
   For the day you are experiencing will never pass this way again. It will have
turned into tomorrow right before your very eyes and nothing and no one
   has the power to thwart it but you. You can seize it by the tail and make certain
to squeeze it for all its worth and turn it firmly into your NOW!

                     Make Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow a Part of YOU.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do Agoraphobics look out the window??

I was standing by my window, adoring the early morning sunshine and openness, when it hit me..
   Hey, do Agoraphobics do this? Do they enjoy standing beside an
open window [high above the city] and adore the 'openness' and 'awe'
of the beautiful vista they're seeing?
   Or are they just as phobic about looking out windows as they are
about being outside them?
   Food for thought, my friends, no? ;)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

ABC, You've Done It, Again!

Way to go ABC, you've got 2 hits on your lineup...
101 ways to leave a gameshow - and
Expedition:Impossible!! Are two of the best, most exciting and utterly
entertaining gameshows I've ever seen! And I've seen a FEW! lol

                 Watch these 2 puppies, and enjoy !!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wherefore Art Thou? Jerk?!

WTF is up with ... Charlie [has-been?] Sheen these days? Not that I really give two sh%#s about
him, but the kids' situation  is a horse of a different color.
I hope they are all okay and not too traumatized by the audaciously selfish antics of a 'kid' who
never had the need or compunction to 'age' like the rest of us.
       Still WINNING..or WHINING, I say The Latter...what about You? lol

CONGRATS! To The Class of 2011..and to the Almost grads ;)

My very best to All of You who held on to the Dream, and graduated for your troubles! Yay-est!!

Take My Book, Please!

I know it's a longshot, but I have a 1956 (First edition ?) copy of a book called "Three Gates on a Side" , written by a Pastor Parkhurst of the Madison Square Church" it's part of a private library(#1129) 
  Hi All, I am REALLY wanting to hook-up with either an heir of this impressive 'Library' or of the author. This book is in great condition and should be co-mingling with it's siblings. lol. Not ME.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Charlie" TunaMelted" Sheen, One and a half Men said: "Bye-Bye Charlie!"

D'uh, Winning??? WTF??? Winning what, the "Craziest Bastard on the face of the earth, save for Bin Assho#e and Libya's answer to 'World Peace'..NOT!!, title: 2011??
OMG! Oh No, Losing!! And in a huge, embarrassing beyond belief, ready to devolve into what you were meant to be, were it not for the intervention of a thousand near misses, were it not for the 'folks', but no more.
    If Two and a half Men crawled on their snake-bellies and (after
   allowing C.S. to demolish their reputation and polish their butts
   for the world to laugh about) actually took him BACK, it
   would be the END of not only the show, but of the entire
   sense of morality, decency and just plain, good old fashioned,
   PRIDE. I ask you, Where on earth is YOUR pride, NBC??
                 Really, take him BACK?? Is your buttcheek not
                 hurtin' enough for ya? Zowie?!! lol
   Oh, p.s. I will NEVER watch the show again, if that piece of human excremental failure at even being a good junkie,  ever
 sets foot on a soundstage (especially yours) or tv studio where "Two and  a Half men" is being filmed!!
      I can easily see someone like ..uh..ANYONE filling those empty 
 shoes. How 'bout Ricky Gervais or Tracie Morgan or..omg..
 the wonderful possibilities belie belief! I can think of a million!
    I'm sure YOU can, too.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Whose Birthday is it This Month?

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday Dear Belinda
Happy Birthday To Me!!
             *        *        *
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Arians
Happy Birthday to You! 

Oh dear, has it really been two years since I sang this little ditty to myself?
Two years (plus 1) to the day, wow! Well, it's my Big Day once again, but me thinks
I'll begin keeping the second verse (how old are u now...?) to myself!! šŸ˜(*˘︶˘*)
I'm about to watch "Dancing With...(there's a commercial on now) The Stars" for
the first time this season,  so I promise it won't take me two years to get back to my favorite 
people..You!! šŸ†Ž♋šŸ˜Ž(*˘︶˘*)

Who do you want to win?
Robert & Kim, that's Who!!!

"Thank You for my Mohu Leaf [Indoor Antenna] Thank You So Much !"

Has anyone been having a bit of difficulty lately,
adjusting to 'Digital Broadband' after all those years of Analog?
  You find you get the antenna [old mr.rabbit ears, bowtie, maybe?]
just right for the channel you're watching, but have to get up
to readjust it for the channel you now want to change to?
   And you can't always get the reception as good as you know it can be?
Well hold on to your hats, people, have I got an antenna for You!
 It's called " The Mohu Leaf - Indoor Antenna " and it's the perfect
compliment to the new HDTVs that have been out on the market
      for quite some time now. 
 In fact, this incredibly thin, paper-like plasticky, space-age polymer
     engineer-designed, rectangular Marvel is the perfect partner for ANY
type of television sold in the market today!
 Believe me, people, just visit their go to and decide for yourself..
   Did I mention, it's a ridiculously low $ 44.00, yes, I said $44 bucks!!
So do yourself [and all your friends and family] the biggest favor you can,
            and go check out this terrific find and order away!!
 You can send me a 'thank you' comment..afterwards. ;)
            (Amazin' - http://www.Amazon.com is where you can buy it, I did.) :)


Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Home for Weekend, Home for the Ages"..3 Nights of Patter.

3 Nights of Patter
as in..the patter of little feet
maybe not so 'little' anymore,
albeit, who cares?
I do! I care... not of size, but of presence.
Being made aware of impending joyhood..
a meeting of the minds-
a tete>a>tete between she+she+she,
so sweet. Joy times 3. 
And then there's four. Surprise!
In the form of an unexpected text
in the middle of the night. A plea 
for complicit discretion as yet
unbestowed upon this, as yet,
unknowing recipient, this soon to 
be blown away beauty, this thought 
manifest! Oh but that fly on the wall need flee.
There is no room in the realm for we three.
Nor four nor the for the moment's for two.
The beautious lass made whole, thru and thru.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow? What Snow ;D

Well, if you've been in our fair weather [NOT lately!] city of New York for the month of January, I can almost hear you asking yourself one little question.
What the H~E~L~L was I thinking??? January in New York?? Really, Sharon?
Ahh, don't beat yourself up over it..but just run {not walk!} to the nearest airport and hit the bricks. I don't mean to be coy, Roy, just set yourself ( and Sharon) FREE!
But do come back now, ya here?
Maybe when his minor can no longer dictate his Monopoly-playing ways on what he thinks NYC is..his own GIANT Monopoly Game, except the money is not phony..it's OURS!!! :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2011 is finally Here!

2011, 2011, 2011... Do you believe it, guys? Omg?!
I never thought I'd be around for this one. Not because of what the dweebs espoused..every freakin' year since year two bc.. but because
I knew the odds were against me from the start..due to my choices and
non-choices, but enough of that! The point is: Here I Bee!! 2011 ! And I
wish to welcome each and every single one of You into my realm.
2011..Let's Make it a Kick-Ass Year, every single Blessed Day!

Holiday "1st + 2nd" Chances For All !!

Happy Holidays To You All,
No matter the race, creed, (what tf is your 'creed, anyway? lol') or
how much 'green' is in your pocket this Holiday Season, I (and Mine)
wish you all, Good Health, Good Cheer and Most of All.. a Good, Strong, Kind +
Loving Heart..and ... wait for it.. T O L E R A N C E ! ! ! Take charge of your life this 2011 and don't allow other's inhibitions and misconceptions to mar what could be
the beginning of many brand new friendships and ways of looking and appreciating
this great big beautiful world of ours.
It's All Up To No one, DearHearts, But Y O U ! ! !

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gil Noble, where Are You?

Gil Noble, where are you?
I just spent the better part of a quarter of an hour writing you the best, qualified,inspirational email that I could possibly write (to You, Gil Noble) and what do you think happened..it got Nullified, that's what happened.
I cannot believe it. I clicked on 'submit' and was rewarded with the news that my email somehow was too large a file to be submitted!
At the end of the email, we are encouraged to send a picture file..so I did. I sent in the loveliest photo of my graduate student/daughter, Cristen, and her fiance[also a graduate student, of course!]to show you the reason for my email, our future.
So imagine my incomprehension when I received a notice[ saying my email did not get through]
and my outrage that I should be coaxed into spending my valuable Sunday afternoon writing you a heartfelt letter of gratitude for being the voice of reason amongst a cacophony of multitudinous
blowhards whose own voices must get on their last nerve, every once in a while! lol.
So here is my unsent email, ABC.com. Where YOU cannot quell my word and where everyone else can read it and learn of the treachery which abounds these Cyberways.
Don't EVER let your word be cut from the record. Fight for it. Write for it. Print is Might.
Print is your Right!
God Bless the Internet and the Women and Men who made their voices and keyboards reign supreme so that we, too, could have our voices heard and our messages spread.
For that, and so much More, I Thank You.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's the Hoopla about Red Velvet Cake all about?

Red Velvet Cake. Red Velvet cupcakes. What's next, Red Velvet pancakes?!

What is all the hoopla about, anyway? I've seen them on the morning shows,

I've seen them on the cooking shows, and now, I've been seeing them in all

of the hot, trendy bakery shops all over town!

Who is responsible for the 'invention' of this little delicacy? Where did they

come from? Are they, perhaps, from an alien world, brought to Earth to be

our undoing? Can someone please tell me?

Last week I entered my favorite little specialty shoppe, called Zaros Bakery,

on East 21st Street and B'way, and just as I was going to order my usual...

their premiere New York Cheesecake on a moist graham cracker crust, I saw

them!! Red Velvet ..everything! My eyes were bombarded with these perfect

little Red Velvet Cupcakes on the top shelf of the refridgerated compartment

usually reserved for my perfect cheesecake. By the way, they have all sorts of

versions, but the Strawberry and Plain are my absolute faves! Though you

have to try the Marble and the Oreo ones, too. Ahh. But I digress.

I could stand it no longer. I had to taste what everyone was talking about.

I ordered a slice of Red Velvet Cake and took it out to the Union Square Park

and set down on one of their bistro-type tables lining the park, and sat down

to discover, for myself, just what all the hoopla was really all about.

Well folks, here's where you think I'm going to drool and stammer and cry

about what a fantastic piece of culinary delight has been bestowed upon

the world..but I fear that is not to be the case. Not in this blog, anyway!

I detested it! I found it to have an overbearing butter taste (too much of a

good thing and all that) and the cake part was too dry for my liking. I even

scraped off what I could of the terrible frosting (it was stuck to the cake

like glue) but nothing I could do could force me to find one endearing quality

of this over-inflated, over-priced, and under-deserved mistake called,

Red Velvet ..Whatevers!! Now don't get me wrong here fellas, You may just

do cartwheels when you taste these 'delicacies' for yourself.. don't go by my

word alone. Visit Zaros Bakery (tell 'em Belinda sent you!) and order the

splendid looking cakes and then judge for yourself. Then do write a rebuttal

to this piece and let me hear what You think, okay?

I await word from my discerning fellow New Yorkers. How was it, huh??

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Extreme Roundabouts!

My! How the Fallen have risen!
And by that I simply mean..
How the poor, freakin' down -n- outers have managed to turn the tables
and now it is they who ss they who manage the plants,
and it is they who call the former CEO's and Head Honchos of their ,now
in question, work places, Inmate number 54628-9 and Inmate number 54629-8..
respectively, of course! lol
My! How the Meek are doing an outstanding job, and how sweet the transition,
how apropos the new Sheriff in town has come to be.
And what of #'s 54628-9 and let us not forget 54629-8,
they are now simply..
Hey You! and.. Co 'mere As*Wipe, I got somethin' for you..

Monday, June 7, 2010

What A Weekend - To Remember!!

Well, I'm back where I belong. Home, in Nueva York!
Snug as, yes..that pesky little Bug in a Rug we've heard tell of.
We all went up to Boston (Cambridge, to be exact!) to pay
homage to all the men and women who braved America's
Number One school in it's field of expertise (Math and Engineering)
and excelled well beyond their and perhaps their parents dreams..
but not Me! I ALWAYS knew what my Cristen had inside her.
And now, so too does the world!
Way to go, Baby, way to Goooo. God Bless and God Speed. Love, Mom!

Graduation Day has come at Last !! Woohoo !

My heart, she is a-burstin'
my eyes are burnin' still
my head is clouded from the joy
My Soul has had it's fill,

My prayers have all been answered
my hope has been imbued
my very Faith has been restored
My sense of self, renewed;

And now, the next steps near their way
the coming months will say
the path will utter all it's coo
The journey's under way

I've lived the good life
, this I know
and now there's just one dream
and that's to see with mine own eyes
My Daughter, come to Be

With tears of prowess and of glee
of knowing she's reached her knoll
she's done what she set out to do
And now can go for Gold
And now, can Reach Her Goal!!

The Long Awaited Words of A Mother Too Proud
For Mere Words,
So I chose this way to express my sentiments,
in the only way I know how to best convey my Love,
Joy and Total Admiration ,in a Daughter Made to Order..
Made from specifications drawn by my wildest imaginings.
Drawn from the very depths of my Soul ,unrestrained. + New.
Never before and never again will there be another YOU.

Do as you will with these words (badly writ, I'm afraid, but they emanate from the Heart, as I hope you come to know and feel) +
remember what they stand for. They stand for You, my elegant Lady, just for You.
Happy Graduation Baby, the Best is Next to Be.
Thanks for being my kid.
Class of 2010
MIT Cambridge, Mass...next..The Stars
[ Wait for the NEXT installment, b+g's, Byeee!]
June 7th, 2010...by Mom.
(P.S. I decided to edit my copy because in all my fervor and justified PRIDE,
I lost sight of something. I sometimes TALK too much, and I must make amends
and they begin right here. Ciao!)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Everyone, SoTHIS is Spring?!?

I had my flip-flops out from under the bed. My sunscreen and babyoil were located from the bathroom cabinet. Most importantly, I'd sent my down coat to the dry cleaner to store there, til next winter. Sunglasses on my head and beach towel in my tote bag, had I omitted anything? I think not.
So WTF went WRONG?! Where TF was SPRING, I ask you? Brrr.
So BACK went the flip-flops and
the sunscreen and the babyoil. Where I had a little problem in my Spring forward, Fall back thinking was...what was I going to use in lieu of my oh so warm and cozy down coat and the
heretofore omnipresent pair(s) of beige, brown, + pink Uggs that
seemed to never leave my feet for more than a 12 hour period..
at any give time? I had sent them all into storage for the duration of what I beheld as the cessation of COLD and the begin of AHHH, which alas, seemed STILL, a faraway dream!
Does anyone have a nice, warm,toasty down coat I can borrow?
I promise to take good care of it..uh, if ya got any size 10 Uggs
(pink preferred) to throw in the mix, I'd be very grateful, very!
Ah well, it's about that time so I'll say "So long, All, hope your season, whichever one you prefer, is soon to arrive! Bye-bye!",

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Are The Fish A-Biting?

Hi There Googlers, Yahooers, MSNers, etc..
hat Is Up ?
I've been YouTubing and simply typed in:
'Squid Videos' and it took me ,
well..why don't you just do as I did? Type the phrase,
and see the 'neat'[ if fishy] site it takes you to!

It's getting sorta late and I've still a bunch of
interesting sites to visit so...
see you on the flip side. (that's the flip side of a record.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have NEVER been so chagrined..well, not since..

The text was written in WHITE lettering!! On a WHITE background!
WTF was I thinking?? It took me ..well, never-the hell-mind how long it took me.. I FIGURED it out, didn't I!? LOL!

Well, anyways, Kiddies, Mama's baaaack! And she's primed for anything and (just about) everything..within reason, of course, Kiddies.

Catch me on the flip side, cause for now, I'm hunting BEAR! Bye for NOW!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh Nooo, WTF!?!

First of all..I am back on my game and I want to BLOG!

But for some, unknown to me, reason, all of my blogs to date have
disappeared? All that's there are the titles. Where the hell are the blogs that follow??
Good Grief!
This WOULD have to happen, just when I decide I want to start sharin' and carin'again. Shit!

Well, I'm going to give this another shot..let's see what happens?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wisdom comes in thimbles, sometimes

Wisdom, pride, [braggadocio notwithstanding] and common
sense are interchangeable during the very best of times.Forget
about when things seem bleak and nothing resembling hope is
lurking around the corner or tap tap tapping on your windowpane.
These are the times you will find errors in judgement being
committed by those who love you best. Certainly without malice (or
anything else!) aforethought or visions of tomorrow, let alone next
year, but with writings from the heart. One can only hope these
transgressions are taken with a grain of salt and a wag of the head.
Here we go again...M O M ! ! !

Monday, May 11, 2009

Did I mention the Webcam?

Hi Bloggers,
I forgot to tell you all of my newest acquisition. I found myself in a pinch a while back,
and had need of purchasing a current computer..one with a non-obsolete installation disk!
So I called up my handy dandy not so local television Home Shopping Network and ordered
a spanking brand new, metallic red, Acer One Webcam fitted Notebook (laptop) and within one week, found myself typing away to my little heart's content.
I have yet to fully make use of the cute little webcam inserted into top of the screen, but give
me some time. I will.
Does anybody have a webcam? Call me.. we'll chit, er.. I mean, chat!
Goodnight All, it's been real, as always. Ta!

Happy Mother's Day to U + Me!

What can I say, Bloggers? The day began smoothly, progressed nicely, passed along evenly then...
B O O M ! Crescendoed to a Fantastic Finish..pre-midnight would see the end of a daylong
outpouring of familial adoration. And none too soon,I might add. A year seems to
be just the exact amount of time necessary for kindnesses to be, not only repaid, but grandly
Well, the B O O M S were greatly appreciated, by both the Elder and the Younger, and I look
forward to accruing next year's restorative renumeration.
Ahh, what a lovely way to pass the day!! I can't wait.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring, you can come out Now!

Quit your Tom Foolery. We are sooo tired of Winter we can barely stand it!
So do us all a favor and stop pussy-footing around so we can all shed these
second 'skins' called coats. Mine wants to take a lonnng siesta!
Despite this current economic downturn, we will not only persevere, we will come
out of this stronger, wiser, and much better managers of our heretoforprecious assets.
No more living above our means and being so wasteful and embarassingly
extravagant. We (hopefully) will come away with a more profound respect for
the way money is used globally and misused domestically...and learn to not
allow the almighty(NOT!) $ dollar to make us feel whole. We must let our character
do that, as it was always intended to do, as we all well know.
Spring? Springgg..is that you?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama Mia!

Now I've done it! I somehow blew my computer to smithereens.
Please don't ask me how I managed to accomplish this formidable task.
I just did! Period. So as someone quite astutely put it to me..I must start..
at the beginning. Yeesh!

Out with the old and in with the new, right? The old being my trusty HP Pavillion PC
and the new being my [still in the hand-holding stage] HP Compaq CQ2009F PC, which
promptly arrived via FedEx two and a half nerve wracking days after ordering it via telephone.

I must say, NOT being connected sucks BigTime!
And I wouldn't recommend it for the faint of heart. So take extra special care of your towers, boys and girls, I know I will!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I feel on Top of The World! As should ALL good and wise thinking Demo.. "people" (lol) all OVER the World.

I already sense the rest of our global partners on this planet breathing easier and with much deserved sighs of relief.

As did I, at around 11:00 Tues. Nov. 4th, 2008, an historic
and earth moving day of CHANGE! Not HATE, FEAR and BIAS..but
honest and much needed ( especially in public office) SINCERITY!

From the bottom of my heart, MR. PRESIDENT OBAMA,I find it
impossible NOT to be as elated, hopeful and , as I already stated,


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S B.H.O. B.H.O. B.H.O.! ! !

Saturday, September 6, 2008

OMG! I'm Stuck in My Chair!

I am sitting at my desk when all of a sudden I realize it's pouring MAD rain! I attempt to rise from my seat,
when lo and behold, I find that I cannot! I am stuck to the floor.
Actually, this dumb chair has the crudiest little rubber thingy's
on it's legs (the sort of rubber 'feet' that canes have on the end of them)and they always give me trouble. It seems that the quicker
I try to rise, the more 'stuck' I become. But I digress.
I heard loud pounding rain and finally rising, ran to the window to glimpse a peek at Josephines' show of who's the boss. She is
and not only does she know it but she demands the rest of the eastern seaboard knows this, as well.
Gustav, Hanna, Ike and now Josephine. Gratefully we at the top
of the region catch the mere tailend of her terrible might. I
stare in awe and amazement at the sheer strength and improbable
magnitude of what Mother Nature has stored within her bag o' tricks.. to (thankfully)be meted out (to US) on a need to be taught who is the boss, less we forget.
I for one, will never forget!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mom's Back!

Hey Bloggers!
Boy, have I missed YOU!I'm sorry I haven't had the time to catch you up on my goings on but I do NOW.Whazzzz up? I have been having the greatest weekend, with my daughter home from college and all!, and
this is her last visit before starting her fall semester, on Sept.
2nd. Day after Labor Day.One day. Boy, they don't believe in wasting any time do they? lol.Oh well..I would think it'd be nice
to see all your floormates again and find out what everyones been
up to over the summer vacation.My daughter has been a busy little BEE traveling and sailing and visiting her BBFs parents in their hometown of Delaware. He took her all
around in his 'jeep'[seatbelt included]:) and they both had a wonderful mini-vacation (very needed BEFORE Sept.2nd)and I got to
view some of their Delaware photos! Aw!Sweet.

She's out at Union Square ( the ritzy neighborhood) at the moment
and will be home any minute to begin packing for her return to
the collegiate life and all that entails. Which is great and all
I have wanted for my child, since she was kneehigh to a ..you know the rest!The grasshopper allegory confuses me, too!? lol
Anyway Bloggers,come back in a few weeks for an update and send me anything you think my readers might enjoy. I promise to put them up on my blog for all the world to see...anonymously, if that's how you want it. Have a great day and be well to one another.Bfn, Bee/Mom.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mom's Cherry Pie!

Take this test!
The vampire is your monster match—the dentally endowed child of the night. This Halloween, take a nap during the day so you can make it from dusk 'til dawn. Like the "undead" themselves, you demonstrate eternal youth and an appetite for living that is contagious (no biting necessary). When the sun goes down, you have an uncanny sense of where to be and when to show up.

Even if you decide to strap on the udders and dress as a dairy cow, you still have a certain suave gracefulness that permeates even the silliest of costumes. Lay off the garlic and you'll have no trouble getting that special victim back to your coffin for a little nibble. Pace yourself Vampires, you're going to need to save a little energy for the day after. Dracula can't see his reflection in the mirror, but luckily, you can. So don't forget to freshen up a little after your Halloween weekend.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Official M.C. Escher Website

The Official M.C. Escher WebsiteCheck out these wild woodcuts and lithographs
from long ago. He was certainly before his time!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comic Central

My mother came home from work and found my pet parakeet dead as a doornail.. she ran out to the pet shop to replace the bird. She hoped I wouldn't notice,but I noticed
right away... then I killed that one, too! Lol! OMG!Sicko kid!

Before you have a fit, thinking I'm some sort of veterinarial
psycho-killer, this is NOT my joke.

I heard it today on a coming attraction ad for
'Last Comic Standing' and I thought you guys ought to hear it, here, first. Pretty funny British bloke, what? ha! ha!

If anyone has any under R rated type jokes I would be more than
happy to post them on this blog. If they're real knee-slappers!

Until next blog ppl,
It's the One and Only...ME! AKA:
MomChinea/Belinda/The Bee:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Take this test!
You taking the tried and true path? We doubt it. A wild child with lots of passion, you often prefer to leap without looking. This means you don't mind taking a chance or getting in a little trouble from time to time. If you learned something new or pushed yourself, then hey, it was worth it.

Sure, you've got a sensible side, too, but you'd rather get lost in the moment and do something no one else has done before. Sound pretty cool? It certainly is.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting Ready for the Beach!

Get out the sunscreen, buy a new bikini and dust off the 'ole picnic basket 'cause it's time to go a'swimming y'all!
Sorry for the slight delay..I KNOW Memorial Day has come and
gone, but the summer is just beginning and there's much more fun
to be had.Activities,barbecues and summer-night cookouts are
but a FEW of the events that come to mind.
Please let us all know if you have any great ideas to share!
I know we'd love to hear about it and who knows? Maybe we'll see
you there?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eye Illusions

Eye Illusions
Here's a little brain teaser NOT necessarily for the color impaired! Try it!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

OMG Did You Watch CSI Tonight?

What the hell?? Did you know exactly what was goimg to happen in that alley? D'uh..who on earth didn't? I sure hope the writers can
dream up the greatest cliffhanger ever created cause I am still
very pissed with this ending?
Grissom has his job cut out for him, for real,this time...Wow!

Can you hear me now Ray Ray? lol

I left you a message under the RR post, but since I'm my boss,
I figured " What the hell? I don't need to comment..just write
a new blog.
So here it tis darlin'.
I will look out for you on Friday ( tomorrow ) at the same
place we sat last time.
Don't anyone ELSE show up..I will be incognito!! In a cool disguse! NOT! jk! Later RR. Hope u read this post, Bye.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Words of a Friend.

I do not have your BlogSpot address with me, please send. I am leaving sometime Sunday, maybe early afternoon. Happy Pre Mother's Day Bee. Here is more about fear... ENJOY.

*One must guard themselves against fear*

*by placing their roots deeply in the facts of knowing,*

*how easily the wind can overturn a frail tree.*

**Jo* riginal**

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day has come to Pass! Ahh!

This has truly been a day to remember!
I want to thank today's callers and remind them [ALL],
that their efforts have made two ladies very happy indeed!

This is what it's all about," Bloggers"..
Love and Family and the Special Relationships We Develop along the way.

Make the effort to go that extra little mile
and you will see just how much difference those details to attention can make...
in just one single person's life. Amazing, this 'thing'
called LOVE! WooHoo!

Ray Ray You Reached Me!

Hi Lennie, you know more than u think about this

stuff. It reached me right away. But what address are you using?

I need a place to send you a private email message. A return address.
If you have one that you can send, mail it to me here, at


Otherwise just post it on the blogsite and I'll get it, don't worry.

I look forward to seeing you again darlin'... make it so. Bee.

Have a Terrific Mother's Day Judy!

Judy, Iris, and yes, even aunts merit an

honorarium, here in my Etherverse. So let me be the first to

to wish you all a Happy Aunt's Day to Josie Chinea from

www.adiosstress.com /CEO and Director of

Malaga, Espana ( Spain, Europe )

Curandero Cures Co. inc./ A luxury/laden HealthSpa

geared to vanquish the daily stressors caused by a nasty little

bugger called ' Life!' Visit this website to learn more about

this organization, its employees and its many products meant to

make you, too, feel the exquisite pampering the Meditteranean

has afforded the over-average 'woman' for ages past and yet

to come! www.adiosstress.com..email to

ccc1099@msn.com quieries

are most welcomed. And again, Happy Mother's

Sisters All!

Sum Dum _uk...You know who u are!

This happens to be a family blog but you

may 'imagine' what letter goes before the last "u" and "k"..lol

As for the receipient of this enigmatic message,

ok ok, Joey, it's you! ha! I just thought you'd get a kick out of

this..seeing your 'private nickname' up in lights/ er..


Learn how to do this stuff, if you wish to get involved.

Joey my boy, get to learning! It's easier than it seems.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kudos To Blogger!

The best little Bloggerhouse in Texas.Not to mention New York,
San Diego and Timbuktu [probably]... this really is the greatest
(and certainly NOT so little) blogsite in all the Etherverse!!
Please comment if anyone has ever heard this terminology before?
I believe I invented it..but I want to be sure.
And thanx on behalf of all of your bloggers Google. Glad we
know ye.:D

Happy Mother's Day Wishes To All The Earthly Mothers Out There!

Mom's Cherry Pie !: Happy Mother's Day Wishes To All The Earthly Mothers Out There!

Don't fret Daddies, your turn will arrive soon enough! Back to us..
Pamper your Mother's and Yourselves!
And truly have a once in a lifetime 'Moment' this 2008 Mom's Day!
Be creative. Think outside the box for a change.
Be inspired. Create the 'Moment' and hold it near.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Wishes To All The Earthly Mothers Out There!

Mother's Day is one of my very favorite days due to the fact that, not only do I feel, I KNOW, that Mothers are one of the greatest of commodities we take for granted on a daily basis.
When was the last time you thanked yours for doing your laundry?
Or for cooking you that terrific Sunday dinner and homemade Cherry Pie?
Can you recall sending her an ecard just to say 'I love you' or
buying her a single red rose, to celebrate her specialness to you?
I figured as much. Or rather, as 'little'! Come on now! This
coming Sunday is your chance for redemption. Make me proud, kids.
Do something special for your Mom.
Take her to lunch, the place doesn't have to cost you a weeks
salary, she'll love being with you even at a hotdog stand, believe me! Then give her that rose, a giant hug and a lovin' kiss and
watch the reaction. That's what it's all about children. The Love
and The Appreciation. Pretty simple, huh?

Friday, May 2, 2008

The 'Lil Devil Made Me Do It !

I just couldn't help myself! I MUST speak out against the

Paula Abdul debacle which airs each week with a nutszoid who's

terrific to look at but ..come on!! She's a WRECK who has earned

her place in the " What does she have on Simon" chronicles, which

I by the way, want to get a gander at!

Why in the name of all that's holy is she allowed to co-star

along with these two " sober" men? The first time she blurred her

speech and obviously showed the world she was on " ??What? " she

needed to GO. That she hasn't been fired smells like a boatload

of rotten mackeral to this 'former' viewer!

If ANYONE of my many readers... okay, okay, one or two!! ha!,

can shine the proverbial lantern on my quiery, please do.

I have been silent in this matter long enough...besides which,

"THE DEVIL made me write this! Bad 'Lil Varmint!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You speak of Fear...

Fear is instinctual within human beings. It is nature's way of protecting us

from ourselves.

It's that way within the animal community as well. Come to think of it... I

suppose The Creator had it in mind when He designed us all!

Think of it, fear keeps us from putting our hand in many a proverbial pyre.

Fear keeps us clear headed in not so clear situations and it allows us those extra precious seconds sometimes necessary to achieve our desired goals.

Fear of the Unknown can keep us from venturing forth into territories better left unventured until meticulous and thoughtful scrutiny can be measured and assigned.

To put it in a nutshell...Fear is good. Fear serves a purpose. Fear keeps your

ass in check and Fear should be Respected!

That being said... There are times we must throw caution to the wind and

venture forward and NOT allow other's voices (usually heard in our heads)

to keep us from realizing our potential and being what we, in our heart of hearts, know we can be! To deny that endeavor would be tantamount to committing a grievous 'sin' upon ourselves! So assess what's to be Feared

and what's to be Ignored... it's ultimately your life and nobodies choice but

your own.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mom's Cherry Pie! How- tos to make life a little better!

Hello Children!
'Mother' says Hello and hopes that , unlike 'real mothers'... I am listened to! Simply stated: I am here to share my worldsmarts
and promise to NEVER steer you in the wrong direction!
I chose the name 'Cherry Pie' as a metaphor for life and its'
hurdles. First and foremost, you have to remove the 'pits'.
Once pitted (or depitted) we can begin to enjoy our piece of
the pie and all the toppings we choose to go alongside it.
Remember children..' life ' is nothing to feel guilty about.
Only our bad judgements and lack of concern for the well being and feelings of others should compell us to feel remorse.
I have a simple solution to that one. Don't act, react or create
a situation you aren't ready to follow up on, in sight of the whole world! Sure, it's easy for cowards to sneak around in the dark ( where there is no luminousity to reveal their misdoings!)
but it's a lot different when there is accountability and when
your actions are out there for the world to see and judge. The
main objective when dealing with your follow man is whether or not you feel your course of action is true and just. Are you proud of your decision and if the receipient of this action were you, would
you feel as just?
Then and only then should you mete out your responses and
stick to your actions and follow your recipe to the letter!
I hope to share lots more and please feel free to share any of your own "pies" with "The Mom"!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World Sunlight Map

World Sunlight Map... Hi My BloggerBuddies! This is my maiden vovage into the fascinating arena which is The WorldWideWeb and I hope to enhance my page as I enhance my brain so bear with me and sit back and enjoy 'life' as seen through my very discerning and quite out
there point of view! I guarantee you all this...this will never be a boring page!
So enjoy the item which originally led me to create this site...
The Sunlight Map of the World , as it appears right now!!! Pretty cool, huh?